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Old 07-27-2011
Question Find a file in group of jars


jar -tvf tools.jar | grep LinkInfoImpl

  4968 Fri Feb 22 02:34:52 EST 2008 com/sun/tools/doclets/formats/html/LinkInfoImpl.class

However, i need the similar output for all jar files under /apps/lib/ directory and its subdirectories.

Can you please help format my command to achieve the mentioned ?


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Old 07-27-2011
Do you need to know which jar it came from?
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Old 07-27-2011
I suppose you could do something like

for i in `find /apps/lib/ -name *.jar`; do jar -tvf $i | grep LinkInfoImpl; done


find /apps/lib/ -name *.jar -exec jar -tvf {} \; | grep LinkInfoImpl

You'll have to modify them a bit if you want to know what jar file each is in (and I assume that's something you'd want) as this will not give you that.
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Old 07-28-2011
Yes your solution works and Yes you are right that i need the jar name and the path which populated my grep string.

Below is the current output:

find /apps/wls/bea10/jdk160_05/ -name *.jar -exec jar -tvf {} \; | grep LinkInfoImpl

4968 Fri Feb 22 02:34:52 EST 2008 com/sun/tools/doclets/formats/html/LinkInfoImpl.class

I am still naive to figure out how to get the jar name and its path. Can you or someone help?

Also if I wish to look for *.ear, *.war along with *.jar at the same time how would I ?


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