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Old 07-25-2011
Error return value of dos2unix

if (my $temp2=$b2e_r->cmd(cmd=>"dos2unix $b2e_file_name"))

Even if it fails as,

Jul 25 17:17:02 [INFO ] [server1] [cmd] dos2unix /volume/systest/hello_manoj.results
dos2unix /volume/systest/hello_manoj.results
dos2unix: converting file /volume/systest/hello_manoj.results to UNIX format ...
Failed to open output temp file: No space left on device
dos2unix: problems converting file /volume/systest/hello_manoj.results
TEMP2: 1

The return value is 1. How shall i detect whether it fails or not?

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Old 07-25-2011
Zero means success for command utilities and non-zero - failure. It's just opposite perl conventions for true/false values. So you need:

if (! ...) {
  print "success\n";
else {

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Old 07-25-2011
Thanks yazu,

But for success also am getting 1.

Thats the issue.

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Old 07-25-2011
it's problem of your $br2e_r object:
% perl -E 'say system "qwe"'
jazu@uf3 ~ 
% perl -E 'say system "date >/dev/null"'

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