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Old 08-05-2001
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I'm a new user. Just loaded Red Hat 7.1. Unfortunely I set my monitor settings too low. The resolution is horrible. Could someone please tell me how to change my display settings?

Thank you
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Old 08-05-2001
MySQL Fix X Display Resolution


There are two basic programs for adjusting the settings
for your X windows:

My favorite is the text based -

or use -

Normally try using the defaults in xf86config, usually its
just a matter of experimenting to see what looks best
with your monitor and video card.

Instead of starting your X windows each time to check
your results. You can test your settings with the


If you have your system configured to automatically load
X windows when you boot so you can't see what to do -
then reboot and press Ctrl-X several times to get a text

Here are a few key commands that may help:

Screen is haywire and you want to exit X windows -

Changed login consoles and you want X to redisplay -

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Old 08-06-2001
Thanks for the help jaws!
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