how do u remove a messed up freebsd boot installation?

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Old 08-05-2001
how do u remove a messed up freebsd boot installation?

i messed up while installing freebsd into a dual os wannabe system.

Now, how do i del it( so i wouldn't get prompted to choose freebsd during boot?)so that i could try installing a different flavour of linux?

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Old 08-05-2001
You didn't say what other OSs you have in your system. if its dual boot with windows do 'fdisk /mbr' form DOS. This only wipes out lilo from the master boot record .

If you have any Linux distros in your system edit lilo configuration file (/etc/lilo.conf: remove entry for freebsd) and run /sbin/lilo.

You can delete FreeBSD partition while installing Linux. You can also delete FreeBSD partition using fdisk either from dos or from Linux.

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