Change to different user id inside a program

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Old 06-07-2011
Change to different user id inside a program


There is a process ( built in C/C++) which starts with my user id and I need to execute a specific function with a different user id. Is there any api so that I provide userid, passwd and the next instance the process will have the new user id privileges.

- Pranav
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Old 06-07-2011
You can execvp() su or login or a file with set-uid. For how to do in C, look at su source code.
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Old 06-07-2011
man sudo

If your setup is ready, you can run the sudo command with other username

sudo -u user1 /

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Old 06-08-2011
If you want to become the new user and process, execvp(), but if you just want to run it, sudo/su and system() or popen() or do your own pipe(), fork(), close(), dup(), execvp() for pipes to and from your new child process (which must be managed carefully not to lock up both writing or reading).
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