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Old 06-06-2011
Calling commands with ksh


I am not able to run below command on linux, it however works on solaris. If anyone knows the reason and a solution for it can you please let me know ?

$> ksh 'echo hi'
ksh: echo hi: No such file or directory
$> which ksh

$> ksh 'echo hi'


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Old 06-06-2011
Originally Posted by krishnaux

I am not able to run below command on linux, it however works on solaris. If anyone knows the reason and a solution for it can you please let me know ?
Most shells expect to be given filenames when run in that fashion. The -c option tells it to run the following as literal script content. Try ksh -c 'echo hi'. Hopefully that should work fine on both.
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Old 06-07-2011

Thanks very much !! this is what i was looking for and it works Smilie
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