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Need help with KSH Array assignment

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Old 06-03-2011
Need help with KSH Array assignment

The following command is only intermittently successful, depends on the data I give it:

set -A ImageShifts_sorted `awk '/START_SECTION     IMAGE_DEFINITION/ {getline;getline;getline;getline; print $2"-"$3}' temp.ASCII | sort -u`

My Error:
set: -1: unknown option

Finally, If I run that command without the array assignment:
{getline;getline;getline;getline; print $2"-"$3}' temp.ASCII | sort -u

I see what I expect based on my temp.ASCII file:

Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 06-03-2011
It's taking negative numbers to mean parameters. Try giving it -- to tell it there's no further parameters.

set -A arr -- ...

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Old 06-07-2011
I got another question for you good sir. I am having trouble with this line:

set -A combo -- $(for x in ${ImageIDs[*]} ;
nawk -v s=$x 'if($2 == s) getline ; getline if ($1 == "IMAGE_SIZE") print s":"$2"-"$3 ' temp.ASCII ; 

I see this output for every item in the for index:
nawk: bailing out at source line 1
nawk: syntax error at source line 1
 context is
>>> if <<< ($2 == s) getline ; getline if ($1 == "IMAGE_SIZE") print s"
nawk: bailing out at source line 1
nawk: syntax error at source line 1
 context is
>>> if <<< ($2 == s) getline ; getline if ($1 == "IMAGE_SIZE") print s"
nawk: bailing out at source line 1
nawk: syntax error at source line 1
 context is
>>> if <<< ($2 == s) getline ; getline if ($1 == "IMAGE_SIZE") print s"

This array assignment loop worked in a newer ksh, but on the old solaris (ksh 88 i believe) it fails. I'm at a loss right now. Any ideas?
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Old 06-08-2011
That doesn't look like correct syntax for awk/nawk. Nothing's inside a code block. Try putting it inside BEGIN { ... }
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