Where did my programs go?

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Old 08-03-2001
Where did my programs go?

I notice that (Mandrake) Linux and Windows do not seem to operate alike in terms of installing third party software.

Windows, on one hand, creates icons and adds items to the Start Menu, with the help of the InstallShield--or equivalent, of course, but Linux, on the other hand, seems to care less about creating items of which you can just click on the "Start" like button on the task bar of the X windows interface, and find the program you just installed to run it.

I installed a Penguin C++ IDE program I downloaded from Tucows, and I have looked in /usr but cannot seem to find it or even know what the program is named.

How can I find this to create a start-menu like shortcut for such a program? I did then try to install KDeveloper that came with Mandrake and that one created it's own shortcut, but what is it with these third party apps? On top of that, the RPM installer does not even mention a path unlike InstallShield (or equivalent).

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Old 08-06-2001
Try reading and understanding how to use the find command on your UNIX platform. This command is how UNIX people locate files. It is very powerful and when you learn to use it, it will not be necessary to ask questions like where is this and that file?. find is a tool you will benefit greatly if you learn to use.
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Old 08-06-2001
So, in other words, you are implying that these unix platforms do not always, if any, create program shortcuts, am I correct?

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Old 08-06-2001
Are you talking about GUI "short cuts" or command-line "short cuts"?

Many GUIs create short cuts, but that has little to do this installation.

Command-lines have symbolic links that are also like short-cuts.
That also has little to do with installations.

Most people do not use UNIX because it emulates GUIs and short-cuts in MS Windowns. They use UNIX because of a superior kernel that typically runs for months and months without needing a reboot.

If you want a nice desktop with all the GUI bells and whistles of Microsoft, then your best bet is to use a Microsoft (or Apple) desktop.

If you want a server that will run flawlessly, taking care of your mail, your DNS, your web-servers, your back end servers, then UNIX is your best choice. Many UNIX servers, like Linux boxes, run for over a year without a reboot.

Also, if you don't like viruses, UNIX is a big plus. Microsoft products are virus-friendly. Ever hear of 'Code Red' Smilie

I use UNIX servers and Microsoft desktop clients. That way, I get the best of both worlds. I also have a Jeep, a Harley, and a Miata. I don't load the Harley with firewood and don't drive the Jeep with a helmet on Smilie

In other words, everything in life has it's proper place and its good and bad. There is no such thing as 'one size fits all' in computer applications and services. Same is true for cars, trucks and motorcycles.
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