Noob questions.. Append output to a file in different directory

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Old 05-07-2011
Noob questions.. Append output to a file in different directory

Noob question!

I know almost nothing so far, and I'm trying to teach myself from books, on a typical command line without using scripts how would I append output from a sort to a file in a completely different directory?
If I'm sorting a file in my documents directory but I also want the results to show up in a folder on the mail directory. What would i need to put in the command line,
so far I'm thinking:
sort file9 | tee -a .... and then i don't know what to put to get the appended data on a pipeline to the desired location.. Smilie any help would save me a few more gray hairs
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Old 05-08-2011
tee -a /path/to/file

Simple as that.
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Old 05-08-2011
So i was on the right track? Holy cow!.. tee -a ../../home? thanks.. again!
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