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Old 10-24-2007
Append output to file


I have a script below. It get's the data from the output of a script that is running hourly. My problem is every time my script runs, it deletes the previous data and put the current data. Please see output below. What I would like to do is to have the hourly output to be appended on the file like the expected output below. Please help me how to modify my script to do it. Thanks!

DateTime succDeliv failDeliv Subs SysFail Tot
2007-10-24_15H 12 1 43 0 1856

Expected output:
DateTime succDeliv failDeliv Subs SysFail Tot
2007-10-24_00H 12 13 43 6 1856
2007-10-24_01H 16 21 80 0 1780
2007-10-24_03H 0 8 56 9 1867
2007-10-24_04H 98 0 67 0 1909

#!/bin/ksh -f

######get date today############
ngayon=`TZ=GMT+1 date '+%Y-%m-%d'`
dateF=`TZ=GMT date '+%Y-%m-%d_%HH'`

printf "%-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s\n" DateTime succDeliv failDeliv Subs SysFail Tot > $workDir/$outFayl

cd $workDir
succDeliv=`sed -n 2p $workDir/Stats_$dateF.txt`
failDeliv=`sed -n 4p $workDir/Stats_$dateF.txt`
AbsSubs=`sed -n 6p $workDir/Stats_$dateF.txt`
SysFail=`sed -n 8p $workDir/Stats_$dateF.txt`
Tot=`sed -n 10p $workDir/Stats_$dateF.txt`

printf "%-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s\n" $dateF $succDeliv $failDeliv $Subs $SysFail $Tot >> $workDir/$outFayl
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Old 10-24-2007
I believe your problem is this line:
printf "%-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s\n" DateTime succDeliv failDeliv Subs SysFail Tot > $workDir/$outFayl

You are over writing it everytime you execute the script. You would have to change it to this:
printf "%-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s\n" DateTime succDeliv failDeliv Subs SysFail Tot >> $workDir/$outFayl

Of course you will get your headings multiple times. Not sure how to solve that.
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Old 10-24-2007
I believe you want the first "printf" to only write the header if the file does not exist:
if [[ ! -f $workDir/$outFayl ]]; then
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Old 10-24-2007
Append output to file

Hi gus2000,

Thanks! It's working now! You're great! Smilie

Hi jyoung,

Thanks also for taking time to help me. Smilie
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