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Old 08-03-2001
Passing argument to awk script

I am writing a shell script.
Now i need to read in a string and send it to an awk file to compare and search for compatible record.

I wrote it like tat:

read serial | awk -f generate.awk data.dat

p/s: the data file got 6 field.

According to an expert, we can write it like tat:

read serial
awk -f generate.awk data.dat serial2=$serial

and access the variable by using serial2 in the script.

I tried it but it seems like dun work.

Pls help..thx
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Old 08-03-2001
read serial
awk -v serial2=$serial -f generate.awk data.dat

You could then access the variable $serial2 within your awk script.
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