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Old 07-30-2001

Ok, im a lame newb, i know, but what are all the options for the tar command, and how do i use it properly...?
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Old 07-30-2001

did you try man page of tar?
$ man tar


$tar cvf newfile/newDir.tar file/Dir

to un-tar a file or dir

$tar xvf file/dir.tar

to view a tar file

$tar tvf file/dir.tar

hope this help
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Old 07-30-2001
Thanks for the help but i keep getting tar: tape blocksize error
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Old 07-30-2001
blocksize error

insure your tape is rewind to the right block; sometimes, after tar/backup files, we forget to rewind tape back :-)

$mt -f /dev/rmt/0 stat (this will tell you status)

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