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my company is considering a new development of our web site, which used to run on Apachi over Solaris.

The company who is going to do this for us knows only about developing it in ASP.
I guess this means we'll have to have another ISS server on NT for these dynamic pages Smilie

What are the alternatives since I don't want to start managing Windows? !!

Does anyone know of a the posibility to use asp pages under apachi/Solaris ?

What is the equivalance of that for Unix ? ( I guess php, which I understand this very site is using...)

Is it possible to convert asp to php maybe ?? (guess not)..

please help!

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Yes , you can use ASP in solaris(or any version of unix) also. Chillisoft software offers the product.
Here is the link.


I hope it would provide a solution


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Bug PHP to ASP

Hi Balaji,

Ive tried using ASP in solaris ( multi node unix server) but the chilisoft url that ive tried is corrupted.
i tried an alternative way which is convert ASP to PHP.
It worked succesfully.

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convert ASP to PHP

Thanks for the link!

how do I do that? (convert asp files to php ??)

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An alternative to ChiliSoft is <A HREF="http://www.nodeworks.com/asp/">Apache::ASP</A> which runs with mod_perl under Apache.

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Thanks PxT !

I suspected there was such Package within apache modules..
and thanks alot for confiriming it!

I'm just worried if it won't be too compatible, just wehn will need the most importent page...
So that we'll have to install IIS again..

DO you know what are ASP's limitations when run on Apache.
I guess it won't be able to run COM parts at least...

anything else I should be aware of before I implement it?



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