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Old 07-30-2001
Question expr command

I am looking for the correct syntax on the expr command in UNIX. I have a script that I am building at the moment. the script is creating file1 that is an actual .sql file that is going inside the oracle database to get some information in there. It take that information, puts it inside another script called file2. I then do a cat on that file, grep for two lines i need, and put that into two files called file3 and file4, I then do a cut on the values that I need. and put that into files called file5 and file6. Now the values of those files are for example 198.7 and 78.5. With a normal bc command inside the file, it takes away the number that are follwing the desimal sign. expr can do tha, but I do not know how, someone can help me please?

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Old 07-30-2001
Man pages are usually a great place to get the correct syntax.

Try man [command] where [command] is the name of the command or utility you are wanting correct syntax.
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Old 07-31-2001
I already tried the man pages on expr. It is very broad over the expr command.....I really do not want to write a huge script just to do a calculation....I already did use the bc command, but with the same example that I have above, i want to see if the expr command can do the same....See, the bc command for this problem are as follows :


x=$(printf "%s\n" "scale = 3"; `echo $x1` / `echo $x2`" | bc)

This will give the calculation plus the numbers after the decimal.

Now expr can be used in the same way, and I need a command line command to do this calculation. Come on all the UNIX boffens, I know someone have the salution to this problem.

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