What all Unix types can be installed on PC?

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Old 12-02-2000
I would like to know as what all Unix types can be installed on PC, i.e. Intel Pentium processor and having HDD of let us say 4 GB or so? What RAM would be sufficient? I know for sure that Linux is free and can be installed on PC, can some one tell about other UNIX types which can be obtained for FREE and are installable on PC? I heard from my friend that Solaris can also be installed on PC and can be obtained for free, is it true?
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Old 12-02-2000
Just about all flavors of UNIX have been ported to run on Intel-based processors. The exceptions which stand out in my mind are HP UNIX (HPUX) and SGI UNIX (IRIX). Perhaps others can think of others or correct me if HPUX and IRIX are available on Intel-centric processors.

Yes, there is an Intel-based version of Solaris, as I recall, but I don't use it. Anyone use it?

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Old 12-03-2000

I am working in solaris 7 on intel platform. Many vendors offer unix on intel platorm for free or for learning purpose (non-commercial usage) including freebsd,solaris,sco. You can also download solaris 8 for free from sun website. To be in one liner, every vendor in unix is offering the OS on intel platform. As Neo pointed out except IRIX (now they are going to port it for intel platorm also soon ) , every other vendor has unix for intel platform.

As for as your hardware goes, i hope a bare minimum would be sufficient to learn . But it would be great if you have pc with NIC , modem, multimedia kit, application software for unix, so that you can gain knowledge by installing, configuring and maintaining the peripherals . A small network environment with two or more pc's will be great to learn things for networking .

Hope this helps

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Old 12-03-2000
Intel based Solaris


I also work with many Intel-Based installation of Sloaris 2.6.
It used to be a good decision for CheckPoint Firewalls. but lately CP just stopped supporting this platform Smilie

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