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Old 07-26-2001
Data Checking file systems

I am trying to resurrect an old UNIX server without any joy, I do not have much UNIX experience any I don't understand the messages I am receiving.

The system is telling me that it cannot go multi - user until the following file systems are checked //dev/rroot

It gives me the procedure

1) Check other file systems 1st
2) Execute uadmin 4 128'.
3) Check root file system
4) execute uadmin 1 2' to reboot the file system with no superblock update

If anyone could explain this procedure, it would be of great help
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Old 07-26-2001
What type of system is this? I am not familiar with those particular messages you are getting, although it sounds like you need to run a file system check. On most systems this is accomplished with the 'fsck' command. Something like:

fsck -y /dev/root

will check and automatically repair any problems on /dev/root.
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