regexp: match string that contains list of chars

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Originally Posted by jimcanoa
that it can be done with regexps! I mean, if you can test if a number is a primer number with regular expressions, I refuse to believe this simple thing can't be done Smilie
Of course it can be done with regex, you wrote it in the first post. The question is can it be done simpler? I think not.
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Your definition of one regex is a bit arbitrary, as I think some things are not included in base regex, like egrep multi-pattern matching using () and |, where an outer super-regex call may be doing many simple-regex calls. A bad regex can really slow things, too, so sometimes three simple is much better than one ugly. Academic problems are fun, but real world solutions are worth dollars.
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>> s = "cxxbxxc"
=> "cxxbxxc"
>> s["a"] and s["b"] and s["c"] and print "ok"
=> nil
>> s = "cxxbxxa"
=> "cxxbxxa"
>> s["a"] and s["b"] and s["c"] and print "ok"
ok=> nil
>> s = "axxbxxa"
=> "axxbxxa"
>> s["a"] and s["b"] and s["c"] and print "ok"
=> nil


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