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Old 07-25-2001
Java IP configure

Hi people

I am having problems getting a few Sun Station to work again. We just moved to a new building with new IPs and new gateways. I need to change all these settings. Could some one please tel me what files I have to change.
It is a Solaris 5.7 machine.

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Old 07-25-2001
Java Configuring a Server

In order to change the settings of your servers, the simplest solution is to run a "sys-unconfig" as root.

At the "OK>" Prompt, make sure that you type "boot" in order to continue the process unless it will seem to hang.

After this point, the screen typically becomes white, with black lettering. Make the necessary entries and changes according to your new environment settings (i.e. time zone, i.p. address, netmask, root password,etc.)

The system will automatically reboot. When the login screen is reached, do NOT enter as any user but, for safety, hold down the "stop" key with the letter "a" and, when the "OK>" is shown, type "reboot"
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Old 07-26-2001
Thanks JHeliosfear

I tried it but it still didn't work. Now it seems that the IPs that I was given is not the correct range. I am waiting for a new set of IPs then it should work.

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