will I be able to do it ?

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Old 07-25-2001
Data will I be able to do it ?


I read some of the messages(by neo and PTx) in your forum.I was looking for info on how to get started,and now I feel like this is more than I can handle.

Its not because I dont have the will to read and learn,but I dont know if I have the environment that will help me learn stuff at the levels that you are at.Can I use my PC for this or do I have to get better machines.And I dont know if it is too late to start.

There is no one I know of in similar fields who may be able to help and guide me,and the only other way is certified courses.And I dont have a clue as to which I should take.

All I know now is MS/Networking,I have got my degree in engineering and I know C programming.I havent used it in any real applications or anything,just learned it well in college.

I would seriously like to start learning now and I would be grateful for any help or advice you can give.

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Old 07-25-2001

Try installing Linux. It can run on a huge number of different hardware configurations, in anywhere from a bootable floppy, to several gigabytes of disk... Read as much as you can before you start, but at some point, the best practice is hands-on. Check the new forums for book recomendations.
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Old 07-25-2001
Microsoft networking is 'graphical click and popup based' and assumes that the user is not interested in learning about the detail of how the actual network processes work. The overal philosophy is 'users don't care about the details, they want it to be spoon fed to them'.

UNIX is built on a quite different philosophy. One of the tenants of that philosophy is that the user needs to "command the system" and not "the system commands the user." This results in the need to learn an incredible amount of detail about the underlying processes and structures.

This board assumes that newbies are self-motivated with a strong desire to learn. We cannot motivate nor advise folks on how to make a mental shift from the mindset created by point-and-click experience.

I can tell you that on the server-side, point-and-click is normally risky and takes much more time than understanding the command line side. However, on the desktop side, point-and-click has merit.

I'm very suprised to read you are an electrical engineer and a C programmer but are not inclined to dig in a learn UNIX from the posts you reference.

Perhaps a nice expresso machine and a month in isolation with your favorite UNIX platform? This is how most of us got started Smilie
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Old 07-26-2001
start with solaris?

I think I shall start with solaris.Is it ok(too much to handle Smilie )

Before I order it ,is there anything I should consider.Is it possible to dual boot with windows 2000 /Nt.

Can you suggest a simple book with which I can get started with .

Thanks for your help
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Old 07-26-2001
Read the relevant topic in the new FAQ section.

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