environmental varibles

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Old 07-24-2001
environmental varibles

flavor -- AIX 4.2.1

I am putting together some HTML pages, some of which contain forms. The problem pops up when I attempt to pass variables (from the forms) from one HTML page to a cgi-like page created using ksh.

I have used the $1 - $9 vars, but they do not work with the passing. With Perl I have done something close to this using $ENV.

The HTML tags (html, body, form . . .) all work within the ksh script, and I can echo new data into the page that the script creates, but I just can't get the form data from one page to pass to my ksh script.

My eye are weary from searching for the answer via uncountable web searches.

Thanks in advance guys and gals. . .
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Old 07-25-2001
I assume the ksh script is the "ACTION" of your form? If you are using METHOD=post, then the data from the form gets passed in on standard input. You would have to set up your script to parse it somehow.

I would recommend using Perl if possible, since their are already modules available to make it very easy to access your form data.

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