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Old 07-23-2001
Data Bring back removed files

Dear People
I have removed some of my files and directories( by using rm and rmdir commands) by mistake. I wish to bring them back. How is it possible?( I am using solaris 2.6)
best regards
Reza NazarianSmilie
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Old 07-23-2001

There are two possibilities:

1. Restore them from backup (if you have one)
2. Write them new ;-)

I think you are searching for an undelete-commando or any kind of wastebasket like under ms-windows, but there is none under unix ... bad luck
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Old 07-23-2001
a hint for next time.

alias your rm command to move the files to the /tmp dir. then if you really wanted to delete them use a rm -f from the tmp dir.

its a tuff lesson to learn but it happens.
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