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Old 07-19-2001
linux + bsd + solaris

I prepare to install linux distros , freebsd and solaris(totally 6 OS) in a 40G harddisk, but I fail to do it, so I would like to ask some question here.

Can different distros share the same linux swap?or each distros need to have their own?

I made 6 partitions(5 x 7G , 1 x 4G) and 256M(I have 128M RAM)for linux swap by RH(manually partition), am I did it right? If not , can anyone tell me how to do?

I tried to install RH Linux first, then label and format the partition as'/ ' , is there necessary to format an extra partition for '/usr' or '/home' too?

Aften installed RH, I installed Mandrake, but I failed to boot multi os up by lilo loader, is that I didn't created its own swap space?
Am I need another boot manager to help me?

Sorry that my question pretty newbie because this is my first step for Unix/Linux.

Is there anyone can help and teach me how to do step by step?

Many thx.

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Old 07-20-2001

Look jcheng.... I have 3 OS in my computer, Debian Linux, FreeBSD and OpeBSD, I have no troubles to install then. I have installed 8 OS in one computer ones, but was 8 linux distros in 2 HDs, and I have no trobles again.

What I can tell you is that the linux distros can use the same swap partition. I use the same swap when I installed the 8 distros.

The "/" partition is sufficient, there is no necessary create the "/usr" or anyone else.

The lilo loader works fine with all the OS tah you mentioned. Try to find some infos about the problems with partitions over 1024 cylinder in HD, I already saw peoples get trouble with this, may be your problem to.
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Old 07-20-2001
Thanks, SeVEn .

Is that really the problem from partition? Where I can find the relevant info?

actually I can sucessfully made partition by Redhat. Wht I am doing as below:

1. Install Redhat, using its ' manually partition' to divide my HD into 6 'ext2' and 1 swap.

2. choice 1 partition'/' to format and install Redhat.

3. boot Mandrake linux by cd-rom, it ask me if I format my swap space, i choice 'no', and install it in another partition.

After step 3, I can't boot Redhat even use its boot disk(Kernel panic)

4. I reinstall Redhat again, then can't boot Mandrake.

Any suggestion for the problem?
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Old 07-20-2001

It sounds like when your installing one OS your overwriting the others bootloader, GRUB is the default in Mandrake and I think in REDHAD it's lilo.
Maybe editing lilo so it points to the other os's after you have installed all of them.
Just a question, how come you want to install some many versions of linux?
I triple boot Linux, Solaris and *gulp* Win2k, damn unsupported scanner
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Old 07-20-2001
Actually, after installing Redhat, I choice Lilo as boot manager when I install Mandrake.

It seem u are right that the bootloaders is overwritting, I will search relevant info and try to edit the lilo, but if anyone can help me I would very appreciate. Forgive me, I'm a newbie.

The reason I try 3 or 4 distros is that, Mandrake and Redhat are the most popular and easy to use, Debian use aptget instead of rpm so I would like to try and learn it too. Then, I can find which is suitable for me.

Bring back the issue, how I can avoid the bootloaders overwritting? How I can edit Lilo?

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Old 07-20-2001
Try reading up on lilo by going to Linux Documentation project and do a search for Lilo they have many good guides on Lillo and other linux releated things. What I would do would be to install all the os's and boot up redhat (or whatever the last Linux distro was you installed) and edit it's /etc/lilo.conf to point to the other os'es as well. I'm sure there is another way but this seems the easiest way to me.
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Old 07-21-2001
Thanks for ur suggestion, Snoozer. I will try then and tell u if I sucessful later.

Do u know where to find downloadable book on Unix and Linux? So I can dig it more deeper. thx
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