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Old 07-18-2001
Data how do i ....

Hi all,

Just started using unix and I want to know how do i swith the auto-completion option on, so that when i press tab the filename i started to type will be automatically compled. I'm using ksh.

Thank you
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Old 07-18-2001
Unfortunately the TAB auto-completion setting is only available nativelly for bash shell. korn shell does not support TAB for auto completions. Otherwise, that's another way. Issue the command:
set -o emacs
and you will be able to use auto-completion using the ESC key (typing twice the ESC key) issuing the set -o command, you are setting EMACS editor environment to the Korn shell.
Any questions tell me.

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Old 07-18-2001
in C shell, you can "set filec" for ESC-completion
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