Update text files in place (string substitution) ??

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Old 07-16-2001
Question Update text files in place (string substitution) ??

The auditors have nailed us for world writeable files....

Apparently in years gone by, quite a number of our kornshell scripts have had:
umask 000 put in the script.

We have been able to turn off world writeable for existing dirs & files, but as these scripts run, new files keep getting created.

I used a utility many years ago which would do a string substitution within a series of files.
I would like to unilaterally comment out all umask commands within all of our scripts without having to modify them 1 at a time.

Running under Sun Solaris 7.

Any ideas out there?
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Old 07-17-2001
Lightbulb PERL

I've had to do similar things a number of times. Each time I use a simple one line PERL command.

I think an example is in the forums database and a key word search might find it. Here is one particular thread:

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