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Old 07-16-2001
Data In need of help!!

Ahhh!! I am not very bright and I ask too many questions. I was trying to install the Enlightenment windows manager from a RPM to my RedHat 7.1 system which currently uses the GNOME GUI. When I clicked on "install" in my file manager, I get a short pause (my systems is a P120 w/ 24 Mb RAM!! I do have a faster 750Mhz but my parents are too afraid of Linux to let me install it.) and after the pause I get a message that say I need to be a superuser to be able to use this option. How do I do this??
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Old 07-16-2001
Hi pantera,

The superuser is also known as root, you can switch to root by either typing:

su root

from the command line, or by logging out of your current session and then logging in as root.

Andy Hibbins Smilie
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Old 07-16-2001
Just to save any hassles that may come with not inheriting the superuser's environment variables set up in the .profile make sure you use the "-" option to su!!!


su - root

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Old 07-16-2001
thank you all so much for clarifying the super user thing up for me!!
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