Solaris 8 Install problems.

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Old 07-13-2001
Solaris 8 Install problems.

Hello Guys.

I kinda need some advice about the partitions.
You need to have "x86 Boot", "Solaris" and a "swap" partition right ?
I did this: I typed 10 percentage for "x86 boot" and 85 percentage for "solaris". The swap partition was at 5000mb.
Everything was going smooth, until this happend:
This is the correct start:

The Solaris installer will use disk slice, /dev/dsk/c0d0s1.
After files are copied, the system will automatically reboot, and
installation will continue.
Please Wait...
Copying mini-root to local disk....done.
Copying platform specific files....done.
Preparing to reboot and continue installation.
Need to reboot to continue the installation
............ ..... .......
after this: swap slice is full.
I was like, okey. I mean, I had 5000mb at the swap partition. Max size of swap was 5250mb or something, but I did type 5000mb.
After this, I tried the install many times with no success, errors like: could not mount your hardrive.
Im doing everything from, Im not into solaris. I run a freebsd box at home, much eassier to install.
Anyway, so my question is, can any of you tell/advice me about the partition thing ? This machine is a p2 400, 6.1gb hd, 128ram.

Thanks guys. Smilie

ps: sorry for my bad english.
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Old 07-17-2001

I think you need to change the size of swap

usually, swap size = 2*RAM size +10% (or 2*RAM size )
therefore, you may want to set up your swap size around

512Mb or something between 512Mb and 1Gb

Hope this help

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