exit from telnet kills orbix process

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Old 11-27-2000

I'm using a bourne shell to kick off a 3rd Pty app. This app uses Orbix. When I exit from the telnet session which started the app or hit CTRL-C at the command line, the orbix process dies, yet all other process remain.

I've tried starting the app as a background process, but it still dies regardless.

Would anyone have any ideas on this? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks in anticipation.

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Old 11-27-2000
I'm not sure what Orbix is? Some kind of database? Anyway, the problem is that your program is getting a hang-up signal and dying. Usually you can tell a program to ignore the hang-up by using the nohup(1) command.


nohup ./orbix <arguments>

See the nohup man page for more information.

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