NFS as unix service?

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Old 11-06-2009
CPU & Memory NFS as unix service?

Hi All

I want to understand the difference between 'NFS as a unix service' vs 'NFS attached to NAS' for the purpose of identifying shared storage solution for my test RAC setup. Oracle support says that 'NFS as unix service (what I understand is a local PC/server disk mounted as NFS) is not supported and that standard NFS client software (client systems that use the operating system provided NFS driver) is not optimized for Oracle database file I/O access patterns. But I still have my doubts that I can use this as a test setup? Please guide.

Also, it is said that with the introduction of Oracle 11g, a new feature known as Direct NFS Client integrates the NFS client functionality directly in the Oracle software. Through this integration, Oracle is able to optimize the I/O path between the Oracle software and the NFS server resulting in significant performance gains. Direct NFS Client can simplify, and in many cases automate, the performance optimization of the NFS client configuration for database workloads... does that mean I can use NFS as a unix service with oracle 11g?
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Old 11-06-2009
Not sure if this answers your question but NFS is a protocol which can be tuned in certain circumstances e.g. if you have dedicated HBAs in such way you can optimise I/O transfer by for instance changing the size of packets... and try to use fully the bandwidth you have only to serve that purpose (NAS). So you would need extra hardware for a start...

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Do a search on NFS and jumbo frames...
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Old 11-06-2009
IMO 'NFS as a unix service' means the NFS shares are supplied by a Unix server, 'NFS attached to NAS' means the shares are supplies by a NAS device (typically NetApp).

Direct NFS means the Operating Stack is bypassed and Oracle uses a raw TCP/IP socket and to handle NFS itself, which can lead to quite significant performance increases.. Direct NFS is also only supported with
NFS attached to NAS.

Since you are setting up a test, you can set it up any way you like whether it is supported by Oracle or not. Just do not carry that setup over to production.

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