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Old 07-10-2001
Question UNIX Sytem 5, release 3

Will UNIX Sytem 5, release 3 run on a Pentium (clock speed 100-200 MHz)?
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Old 07-11-2001
Yes, if the OS has been compiled to run on Intel architecture.
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Old 07-13-2001
MySQL Thanks, Neo

Well, it's currently running on Intel 486's so I guess you're saying the bus size doesn't matter. What we currently do is back up the entire system to a tape drive in case the hard drive crashes then we can boot to and restore from the tape drive. I'm hoping to save the system to the tape drive then move it to a new Pentium and boot from and restore from the tape drive. I don't know how to get the new Pentium to boot from the SCSI tape drive. What do you think?
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Old 07-13-2001
When I upgrade like you are doing I install hard drives and write the old system and files to the new hard drive and set this new system up to boot on a new architecture. I would not try to boot from a SCSI tape drive, personally. Perhaps you are more adventureous Smilie

We had a thread on how to upgrade like this recently where we describe the details on how to upgrade in this way.

Yes, the applications are independent of CPU hardware speeds; so nothing to worry there!
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Old 07-14-2001
Neo ,
That means that u will just reinstall the whole kernel / operating syatem again on the new m/c and then from the backup files will restore the system files and the user files
Isnt it ????
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Old 07-14-2001
Essentially, Yes. Please see this recent thread for similar discussions on upgrading a hard drive:


Build a new system (basic OS distribution with all the libs, systems files, utilities, etc.) Then, after this is up and running, bring over the applications, databases, utilities etc etc from the old system.

Normally, when I build systems I keep the apps and my special utilities in places like /usr/local so all those things are easy to find and keep partioned from the basic distribution.

Setting up filesystems with this in mind makes life very easy when its time to upgrade to a new OS Smilie
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