Compiling Kernel for an Embedded System

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Old 10-25-2009
Error Compiling Kernel for an Embedded System


My original post was long and confusing. To sum it up, I am wondering how to do the following Debian based commands on an RPM type system.

dpkg -i XXX.deb
update-initramfs -k xxx -c

I hope someone can provide some insight. Thanks in advance!


Hey, I'm new and stumbled on this forum while looking for a solution to what I think may be a unique problem. I hope someone may be able to advise me.

I am trying to compile a special kernel for an embedded system in order to boot it with various distributions. The only reason I am having to go through all this trouble is b/c the system refuses to boot the installer discs. The only work around I can come up with is to install on a regular computer, update it with a specialized kernel, and then boot it on said embedded system.

I know this solution works with Debian based distributions. We have compiled a special kernel, and just update initramfs before moving the storage medium to the embedded system, however I am having a very hard time doing this with Redhat based distributions. I can compile the kernel into an RPM using our master config file, and it installs correctly, however the problem is that I can't update the initrd image. when I run the mkinitrd command, it complains of missing modules.

Can a guru out there please provide help/advice?

Thanks in advance.

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