If FTP cron job fails to connect = quit

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Old 10-16-2009
Error If FTP cron job fails to connect = quit

Im having a problem with my ftp CRON jobs. I have another related (but not the same question in shell scripting).

My FTP CRON jobs connect to a server and drop some files off, if for some reason it cannot connect to the server (timesout/password wrong etc) instead of stopping, it tries again 1min later... overnight this caused me alot of problems are the server maxed out its 512mb ram... can i change it so IF the connection fails it doesnt attempt it again 1min later... instead it just fails and quits...

please help
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Old 10-16-2009
I have written scripts to do FTP under Solaris and RedHat and not come across this behavior, can you tell us what operation system you are using, what ftp client and the section of the script that does the FTP'ing please ?
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Old 10-16-2009

^^what are we working with?
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Old 10-19-2009
the actual scripts that are running are in my other thread in Shell programming and scripting. The operating system im using is Ubuntu, the FTP program i am using is lftp.
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