Delete duplicate files from one of two directory structures

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Old 10-15-2009
Delete duplicate files from one of two directory structures

Hello everyone,

I have been struggling to clean up a back-up mess I created when manually duplicating a directory structure and then working in both of them..
The structures now are significantly different and contain in the order of 15 k files of which most are duplicates.
Now I am trying to merge those dirs and had a look at FSlint, Meld, diff, and fdupes.
While all of those are good tools, I have not found them able to do what I need so I am looking for a way to reduce manual work to a minimum by deleting duplicates from the second dir structure. I will have to sort/merge the remaining files by hand.
The closest to doing that is with fslint's findup ( :: Tidy up your filesystem with FSlint) which returns a list of duplicate files separated by empty lines.
Since the duplicates listed may also be within a single one of the directory structures, I cannot be sure to delete files that are also present in path 1.
I can't make myself really clear, I'm afraid, so here's an example:

dir2/somepath/dup1 <-- delete
dir2/path/to/dup1 <-- delete

One attempt may be to first delete duplicates from dir2 and afterwards compare with dir1.

Any help appreciated!
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