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Old 10-13-2009
Question shortlist

I know LIST and PIPES,very well..
Is came to know about something like 'Shortlist'.I want to understand the concept..Is this similar like list and pipes??
And can we set the length of a line in shortlist to a variable ??
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RESCAN-SCSI-BUS.SH(1)						   User Commands					     RESCAN-SCSI-BUS.SH(1)

NAME - script for adding and removing SCSI devices without rebooting SYNOPSIS [options] [host [host ...]] OPTIONS
-a, --alltargets scan all targets, not just currently existing [default: disabled] -d enable debug [default: 0] -l activates scanning for LUNs 0--7 [default: 0] -L NUM activates scanning for LUNs 0--NUM [default: 0] -w, --wide scan for target device IDs 0--15 [default: 0--7] -c enables scanning of channels 0 1 [default: 0 / all detected ones] -r, --remove enables removing of devices [default: disabled] -f, --flush flush failed multipath devices [default: disabled] -i, --issue-lip issue a FibreChannel LIP reset [default: disabled] -u, --update look for existing disks that have been remapped -s, --resize look for resized disks and reload associated multipath devices, if applicable --forcerescan rescan existing devices --forceremove remove and readd every device (DANGEROUS) --nooptscan don't stop looking for LUNs is 0 is not found --color use coloured prefixes OLD/NEW/DEL --hosts=LIST scan only host(s) in LIST --channels=LIST scan only channel(s) in LIST --ids=LIST scan only target ID(s) in LIST --luns=LIST scan only lun(s) in LIST --sync, --nosync issue a sync / no sync [default: sync if remove] --attachpq3 tell kernel to attach sg to LUN 0 that reports PQ=3 --reportlun2 tell kernel to try REPORT_LUN even on SCSI2 devices --largelun tell kernel to support LUNs > 7 even on SCSI2 devs --sparselun tell kernel to support sparse LUN numbering Host numbers may thus be specified either directly on cmd line (deprecated) or or with the --hosts=LIST parameter (recommended). LIST: A[-B][,C[-D]]... is a comma separated list of single values and ranges (No spaces allowed.) SEE ALSO Homepage: sg3_utils Homepage: 1.57 leden 2014 RESCAN-SCSI-BUS.SH(1)