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Old 10-06-2009
Bug AIX commands newbie

Guys i am a newbie with AIX. I would be glad if you can help me produce answers in this questions. thanks

1. Check server connectivity
2. Check/review/investigate for login failure detection
3. Check/review/investigate for user login failure
4. Check/review/investigate for Revoke Detection
5. Check/analyze for server Disk/memory/cpu Utilization
6. Check for server log done by the script.
7. how to Retrieve/Review network device logs
8. how to Backup/Review/Check/Install AIX APAR
9. how to QEV/CBN/PAR user revalidation

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CRM_VERIFY(8)							  [FIXME: manual]						     CRM_VERIFY(8)

crm_verify - check the CIB for consistency SYNOPSIS
crm_verify [-V] -x file crm_verify [-V] -X string crm_verify [-V] -L|-p crm_verify [-?] DESCRIPTION
crm_verify checks the configuration database (CIB) for consistency and other problems. It can be used to check a file containing the configuration or can it can connect to a running cluster. It reports two classes of problems, errors and warnings. Errors must be fixed before Heartbeat can work properly. However, it is left up to the administrator to decide if the warnings should also be fixed. crm_verify assists in creating new or modified configurations. You can take a local copy of a CIB in the running cluster, edit it, validate it using crm_verify, then put the new configuration into effect using cibadmin. OPTIONS
--help, -h Print a help message. --verbose, -V Turn on debug information. Note Increase the level of verbosity by providing additional instances. --live-check, -L Connect to the running cluster and check the CIB. --crm_xml string, -X string Check the configuration in the supplied string. Pass complete CIBs only. --xml-file file, -x file Check the configuration in the named file. --xml-pipe, -p Use the configuration piped in via stdin. Pass complete CIBs only. EXAMPLES
Check the consistency of the configuration in the running cluster and produce verbose output: crm_verify -VL Check the consistency of the configuration in a given file and produce verbose output: crm_verify -Vx file1 Pipe a configuration into crm_verify and produce verbose output: cat file1.xml | crm_verify -Vp FILES
/var/lib/heartbeat/crm/cib.xml--the CIB (minus status section) on disk. Editing this file directly is strongly discouraged. SEE ALSO
crm_verify was written by Andrew Beekhof. [FIXME: source] 07/05/2010 CRM_VERIFY(8)

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