Setting up VSFTPD (force SSL?)

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Old 10-02-2009
Error Setting up VSFTPD (force SSL?)

Hi all,

Im having trouble setting up an FTP server and forcing SSL. At the moment i can connect to the server externally using normal FTP but when i try FTP with SSL i get

STATUS:> [02/10/2009 08:54:16] Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...
ERROR:> [02/10/2009 08:54:16] SSL: Error in negotiating SSL connection.

My VSFTPD config looks like this...


I want it to be as secure as possible and i want to force secure connections?

What am i doing wrong? As far as im aware the ports are open... Smilie

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Old 10-02-2009
Did you check that /usr/share/ssl/certs/vsftpd.pem is there? Or if you want to use your own certificate, did you specify the correct path with the 'rsa_cert_file' option? You can also set 'debug_ssl' to a true value, to get some diagnostics to the log file.
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Old 10-02-2009
I have created my own Certificate and directed both the 'rsa_cert_file' option? and the 'rsa_private_key_file' option to the new certificate which is stored inside /etc/vsftpd/____.pem
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Old 10-02-2009
Are you able to do local ftp? What ftp client are you using?
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Old 10-05-2009
I am able to connect to the server from another (old windows) ftp server using CoreFTP 8.3 using normal FTP... when i try and connect using Explicit FTP SSL it comes back with ...

*** CuteFTP 8.3 - build Aug 25 2008 ***

STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:41] Getting listing ""...
STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:41] Connecting to FTP server... *******:21 (ip = ***********)...
STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:41] Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message...
[05/10/2009 12:36:42] 220 Welcome to ************
STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] Connected. Authenticating...
COMMAND:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] AUTH TLS
[05/10/2009 12:36:42] 234 Proceed with negotiation.
STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] Establishing SSL session...
STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...
ERROR:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] SSL: Error in negotiating SSL connection.

I have attempted to recreate and mess about with settings so many times now i have no idea what it could be? Really need some help with this one.

---------- Post updated at 06:41 AM ---------- Previous update was at 06:40 AM ----------

STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] Establishing SSL session...
STATUS:> [05/10/2009 12:36:42] Connected. Exchanging encryption keys...

Does this mean that it has connected on the SSL port?
Which port would this be?????
Is it random?

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Old 10-07-2009
Just the close the thread, i found the issue. It was firewall related.
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