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maintain database script...

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Old 09-05-2009
start with the command you want to use... this is "cksum" in your case. now you need to build the sum for one file... after that you've to check the next file... save the checksum to another flat file using ">>" maybe... start writing the first few lines of your script! you'll find a hell of a lot examples here or everywhere on the net.
if you're stuck and need help, just come back and ask...
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Old 09-06-2009
i already implement that part..
but i've given some command lines that need to be included in script such as -a, -c, -f, -g, -x,etc and each command line got their use in the script.

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and another thing.
how am i gonna match the checksum with database?
example, i already store checksum of file a into database..
then i need to match the checksum of a with checksum that stored inside database.
i try using comm command but not work...any idea?

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i got anopther question

now i using case statement to handle getopt
but what i facing is eg.
case $i in
a) execute this
b) if a) never execute, then b) also wont execute codes

so how do i store the case a into variable then can bring it to case b?

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