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Does Unix make clob or blob objects

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Old 09-04-2009
Does Unix make clob or blob objects


I have a log file stored in unix file server i need to prepare the clob object of that and store in Oracle Database.

Please suggest me or give me some examples


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oci_set_edition - Sets the database edition

bool oci_set_edition (string $edition) DESCRIPTION
Sets the database "edition" of objects to be used by a subsequent connections. Oracle Editions allow concurrent versions of applications to run using the same schema and object names. This is useful for upgrading live systems. Call oci_set_edition(3) before calling oci_connect(3), oci_pconnect(3) or oci_new_connect(3). If an edition is set that is not valid in the database, connection will fail even if oci_set_edition(3) returns success. When using persistent connections, if a connection with the requested edition setting already exists, it is reused. Otherwise, a different persistent connection is created PARAMETERS
o $edition - Oracle Database edition name previously created with the SQL " CREATE EDITION" command. NOTES
Note Oracle version requirement This function is available from Oracle 11 gR2 onwards. Caution Persistent connections To avoid inconsistencies and unexpected errors, do not use ALTER SESSION SET EDITION to change the edition on persistent connec- tions. Caution DRCP Connection Pooling To avoid inconsistencies and unexpected errors when using editions and DRCP with Oracle, keep a one-to-one correspondence between the oci8.connection_class and the edition name used by applications. Each pooled server of a given connection class should only be used with one edition. This restriction has been removed with Oracle RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Two scripts can use different versions of myfunc() at the same time <?php // File 1 echo "Version 1 of application "; oci_set_edition('ORA$BASE'); $c = oci_connect('hr', 'welcome', 'localhost/XE'); $s = oci_parse($c, "begin :r := myfunc(); end;"); oci_bind_by_name($s, ":r", $r, 20); oci_execute($s); echo "The result is $r "; ?> <?php // File 2 echo "Version 2 of application "; oci_set_edition('E1'); $c = oci_connect('hr', 'welcome', 'localhost/XE'); $s = oci_parse($c, "begin :r := myfunc(); end;"); oci_bind_by_name($s, ":r", $r, 20); oci_execute($s); echo "The result is $r "; ?> PHP Documentation Group OCI_SET_EDITION(3)

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