Can A File Be Copied to an RS232 Port on Unix?

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Old 09-01-2009
Question Can A File Be Copied to an RS232 Port on Unix?

We have a text/csv file (4mb) sitting on a Unix box. The PC belongs to a retail store and they're asking me to bring the file over to Windows so they can import the file.

Can a file be copied to an rs232 port? If so how? The idea is that I'll hook up a null modem cable to the Unix com port, and to a Windows laptop. I'll run Hyper Term and set it to capture text to a file. At which point on the Unix box I'll copy the file to the com port and Hyper Term will capture the text to a file on the Windows laptop. In theory. Smilie

So that's option 1. Crude, but no dependencies.

Option 2 is to use WinSCP on the Windows laptop. Unix dependencies would be ssh running, and knowing an ssh logon. I'm not really a Unix guy so I'm in over my heads pretty quick here.

Option 3 is ftp. I have no reason to believe this Unix box has been set up with ftp or telnet, etc. Not sure how to tell.

Option 4 is tar to floppies, and span until copied. Tried that and the floppies were no good. I'll try it again, but the store is 3 hours away. I'd like to try something more positive than floppies.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Old 09-01-2009
The kermit protocol is intended for sending files over a serial link.

The simplest method would be to enable a login via the serial port and then use hyperterm on the Windows PC getting it log the transaction to a file on the P.C. and then simply "cat" the file concerned.

How you enable a login via the serial port will depend on what Unix you are using.
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Old 09-01-2009
Version and vintage is important.
Can you post the output from the unix command:

uname -a

Also, can you post the output from the unix command:

egrep "ftp|telnet" /etc/services

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