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Old 07-06-2001
Printing Problems

I have a problem here. I have a printer that is connected to a silicon graphics O2 machine (a Laser Jet 6MP) which is running under the Laser Jet 6 printer driver. I don't have any problems printing from the UNIX box. However, I do have the printer networked through our local intranet (using LPR command in the windows 2000 interface).

My problem is this. I can print text just fine, however, when I try and print graphics, I get the following error.

"Printer Laserjet could not print file '/usr/spool/lp/request/Laserjet/d0-145'
Fileconvert could not convert this file of type 'BinaryDataFile' to a printable format.

Please help. Is there something that I can do to get graphics to print on the laser printer from my windows machine? Thanks.

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Old 07-06-2001

Have you considered setting up a samba server printer share on your Unix machine?

With Samba you can store the windows printer drivers on the unix server so when windows users print the printing goes through the windows drivers.

I'm not sure but this may alleviate your problem with printing graphics, other than that you could try the new CUPS printing system.

Andy Hibbins Smilie
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Old 07-20-2002
this is an answer and question:
A: Theoretically, if it's not necessary to print directly from the unix box, you should be able to shove the binary Windows driver output unaltered from your windows client to the printer on the Unix box using a samba share. Although i've been researching this, I haven't yet been successful due to an access problem.

My Question: My problem is a security issue. I can see my file samba shares fine, but with my printer, I get "Access Denied" on my Win2K client. I tried putting an entry in /etc/printcap (printcap.local), and in the smb.conf file putting "print command = lpr ...", security = user (same as my file shares) and security = share. I also have "public = yes" "browseable = yes" "printable = yes" and "writeable = no".
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