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Old 07-06-2001
ftp binary

i am new. i want to ftp from the telnet prompt into another machine and use the get and put command to transfer files. but how do we check to see what transfer mode it is at such as ascii or binary. and how do we change it to binary or whatever.

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Old 07-06-2001
If you type "type" once you're connected to the ftp server it should tell you what file transfer mode it is set to.

Typing "binary" will change to binary and typing "ascii" will change to ascii.

You can also use mget and mput to download and upload multiple files at a time using the wildcard symbol *

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Old 07-06-2001
I believe you simply type "binary" at the ftp prompt, but I also think most ftp servers default to binary, so you may not even have to change it.
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