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Old 07-06-2001
Question Snapshot of part of the cron

Hi all,

I hope somebody will be able to help me soon.
Actually I want to write a small function whereby I will be able to take a snapshot of a part of the crontab.
For ex I want to take a snapshot of the jobs that runs daily and before 11.30 am .Can anyone help me with this.If the job has been hashed out The script should still show that it was the part of the jobs to run.

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Old 07-06-2001
Crontab is a flat ASCII file. It stays the same all the time unless edited. Sorry, but could you explain what you mean by 'taking a snapshot' of an ASCII flat file that does not change unless edited.
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Old 07-06-2001
Hi Neo,

What I actually meant was suppose I am having a menu . In the Menu there is a choice whereby I want to see only the jobs which run in the morning.
For Ex
My cron's like
30 06 * * * /home/production/abc
00 12 * * * /home/production/xyz
00 15 * * 0,2,3,4,5 /home/production/efg
57 23 14 09 * /home/production/lmn

I want to create a script which will basically show me only the jobs which run before 11.00 am.Also if somedody has edited I should be able to show me the job as hashed.

Hope that makes a bit clearer.
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Old 07-06-2001
Got it Smilie

You want a script that will compare some parameters, like time against the crontab file and output that info.

Thats a pretty easy job for PERL or some other scripting language. You basically set up your filters in a script (as you originally suggested) add some command line switches so you can input your parameters, read the crontab file in the script and send the results to a file.
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Old 07-07-2001
hI Neo,

Can you kindly help my giving an example.
Much appreciated.
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Old 07-07-2001
I recommend a good book on shell scripting, including books like UNIX Shell Programming and others like it. These books have many examples on how to set up filters, pattern matches, read and write files. Any good book will have more than enough examples.
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