Paste a word in the third field position of a file

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Old 08-16-2009
Paste a word in the third field position of a file

Hi All,

I have a file like this,
Code: /account 327706,Data Cleansing,[254013574295650458],[100,978,0x4],CRM error,100,0

The above line is a comma separted data file. I want to modify the third field

[ /event/billing/product/fee/purchase 254013574295650458]

The final data file should be like
Code: /account 327706,Data Cleansing,[ /event/billing/product/fee/purchase 254013574295650458],[100,978,0x4],CRM error,100,0

NOTE: My shell is ksh.

Could you guys help me to write a shell script for this!.
Thanks in advance.

Use CODE tags next time please, ty.

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Old 08-17-2009
$more file11 /account 327706,Data Cleansing,[254013574295650458],[100,978,0x4],CRM error,100,0
$awk ' BEGIN{ FS=","; OFS="," }
 sub("\[", "[ /event/billing/product/fee/purchase ", $3)	;
 print $0

Result: /account 327706,Data Cleansing,[ /event/billing/product/fee/purchase 254013574295650458],[100,978,0x4],CRM error,100,0

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