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Passing info from other file into command

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Old 08-13-2009
Passing info from other file into command

I created file called "tape_name" which contains


I created test script as follow


. /$TAPE_LOC/tape_name

echo "$tape_mon_A"

echo "$tape_tue_A"

when I run above script it returnes



Question is I don't want to hard code omnib command with tape name since it changes frequently.

my regular tape_name hardcoded commands run without any problem

sudo -u root /usr/bin/rsh "/opt/omni/bin/omnib -datalist TUE_TAPE-TST -mode full -load high

but when I changed TUE_TAPE-TST to $TAPE_BACKUP variable the command is not working.

Is there way to make TUE_TAPE-TST to accept variable parameter as I tried on test script?

thank you
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Old 08-14-2009
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You don't want to hardcode, that's ok.
But wouldn't it be more helpful if you'd just check which day today is ie. with the Unix week day like:
date +%w

where it's output number is read as following
1 = monday
2 = tuesday
3 = wednesday
4 = thursday
5 = friday
6 = saturday
0 = sunday

You could check which day it is and then decide in a case construct for example which tape to use.

but when I changed TUE_TAPE-TST to $TAPE_BACKUP variable the command is not working.
Why should it work? In your excerpts I can't see any definition of $TAPE_BACKUP.

The whole thing could be automated, including your sudo and backup commands. As said, I would try to get the current date 1st and then decide by this which tape to use.
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Old 08-14-2009
When I run following command


echo "sudo -u root /usr/bin/rsh /opt/omni/bin/omnib -datalist "$tape_test_TEST" -mode full -lo
ad high"

Return is
sudo -u root /usr/bin/rsh /opt/omni/bin/omnib -datalist  -mode full -load high

and is missing
sudo -u root /usr/bin/rsh /opt/omni/bin/omnib -datalist [missing parameter here] -mode full -load high

and $tape_test_TEST is from following file which contains one line of datalist called "TESTDB3-TEST"


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Old 08-17-2009
Not sure why it is not working. Try if a very simple example works and might want to use different #shebang with bash or ksh just to make sure:

$> cat parm
$> cat mach.ksh

. ./parm
echo $VAR
$> ./mach.ksh

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Old 08-17-2009
Originally Posted by zaxxon
Not sure why it is not working. Try if a very simple example works and might want to use different #shebang with bash or ksh just to make sure:

$> cat parm
$> cat mach.ksh

. ./parm
echo $VAR
$> ./mach.ksh

Thank you! I found the mistakes on my script. Smilie

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