How to get amount of memory installed.

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Old 11-24-2000
I'm not a UNIX fanatic but I like using it for the
Oracle database since it's not stable in the Windows NT
environment (what is?).

Problem: Is there any command to show me the amount
of installed physical-memory in the machine? Is
there some other way to show the processes which uses the
most CPU etc? All together: Does UNIX a an equivalence
to the Windows NT Task Manager?

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Old 11-25-2000
Hammer & Screwdriver

I can help you to some extent. Well if you want to know the amount of physical memmory installed you can give the "prtconf" command.

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Old 11-26-2000

Yes prtconf is the accurate answer for Solaris.
Tre here other commands that will show you the memory amount :
dmesg |more - will show you the system boot log where it indicates many resources of it.
and also sar, which is a bit complicated.

But what you are looking for is "top".

If you don't have it on your machine try to DL and install it. it's a must.
There's also proctool - an advanced online processes table info.
Both can be fetched from
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Old 08-24-2001
U can also get information abt the processors

frm /usr/platform/<platformname>/sbin/prtdiag command

try uname -m to get the platformm name..

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Old 08-24-2001


its /usr/platform/{platform name}/sbin/prtdiag
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