Splitting a string and putting another string in the middle?

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Old 07-24-2009
Originally Posted by jisoo411
That's very interesting, so the list file name is actually fed into the loop (or command) at the very end of the script as opposed to the front. Is there a specific reason for this? Or is it just the way the syntax works? This is all very informative for me, I appreciate it! Smilie

Also, I'd like to put in some error handling. Specifically to watch for file names that would not be present. Would I be looking for the program code variable "$?"? I'm seeing from other examples that checking $? for a non-zero value indicates that the command failed.
The for loop loops through the number of items, separated by spaces, in the variable.
There are more ways to read a file but the used methode is preferred.

Use the test statement for the existence of a file with the -a option.
You can find some tutorials here regarding shell scripting:


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