concurrent terminal connections and processes

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Old 07-04-2001
concurrent terminal connections and processes

we've got solaris 5.6 installed in a ultra 5 box that serves as gateway server going to the main unix box.

just like to find out how to determine the number of concurrent terminal connections and processes that the ultra 5 box can handle? and handling at present time?

thanks in advance!
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Old 07-04-2001
What you are asking is complex. Your upper bound could be memory limited, CPU limited, file descriptor limited or other. Calculating the upper bound on connections is non-trivial.
Your kernel documentation should have approximate formulas to calculate limits.

Keep in mind that when you change one kernel parameter, you effect another --- they are tightly coupled an dinterdependent. If you plan to tweek these parameters, it is very wise to have read the documentations on the interdependencies before proceeding.
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