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Perl, Pipes, and FTP

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Old 07-02-2001
Question Perl, Pipes, and FTP

I am attempting to automate an ftp session in PERL by emulating the user and sending commands to ftp, but I am getting unexpected and unwanted results. Here is a portion code that illustrates the method I am attempting (this was just a shot in the dark):

echo open server
sleep 1
echo username
sleep 1
echo password
sleep 1
echo ls) | ftp");

The ftp server doesn't appear to be interpretting the commands, and it appears to hang up somewhere around the username/password entry. Any help would be appreciated.

Bryan Murdaugh
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Old 07-03-2001
Use Net::FTP Module from

$ftp = Net::FTP->new("", Debug => 0);

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Old 07-03-2001
That was my first impulse, just to get the ftp module and use it, but I was hoping to get around it because this script needs to run on a LOT of machines. However, if there's no down-and-dirty brute force method to do it, I'll have to bite the bullet and install the module on all of the machines.

Thanks for the help!


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