replace a value with another in shell script

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Old 07-02-2001
replace a value with another in shell script

hai everybody,

i am new to scripting,i have to replace a value with another value ina script...both the values i have got in two seperate variables...can anyone give me the syntax how to do this in a shell script...



now i want to replace e1 with v2..and e2 with v3....both e1 and e2 are on the same line in a file...can i do this with a single command...if so..pls give me the syntax..

itz urgent please....

my q is suppose e1=5000,and v2=100,i want to replace 5000 with 100,how to do it in kornshell..

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Old 07-02-2001
Iīm not sure about your question but letīs go: to replace a variableīs value with anotherīs variableīs value, just do this:


and so on. Iīm not sure if thatīs your question but if you yant I can send you a documentation about Bash Shel Scripting.

Note: there are some differences between the existing shells (bash, bourne, korn. c-shel, ...)

any comments, be free...

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Old 07-03-2001

but in your script first specify which your shell (korn shell)
that's it
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