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Old 07-01-2001
syntax error

hi, i recently changed my shell to bash and now everytime i log in i get this error message.

bash: /net/hu5/davidlee/.profile-sun-5: line 48: syntax error near unexpected to
ken `fi'
bash: /net/hu5/davidlee/.profile-sun-5: line 48: ` if [[ "${TERM}" != unkno
wn ]] then break; fi'

any ideas, im no expert unix user. is all this written in perl, or some special language i never heard of?

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Old 07-01-2001
Hi eeldivady,

I think line 48 should look something like:

if [[ "${TERM}" != unknown ]]; then break;


If you can alter the profile file to the above the problem shouldn't appear next time you login.

The code's actually part of the bash shell language.

Andy Hibbins Smilie

removed excessive blank lines --oombera

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