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This is sort of the same question I recently asked:
In my script I'm outputing lines of various symbols.
When I run my script it prints the information vertically.
I need my script to print out horizontally.
I know in the Korn shell you use \c, but it doesn't seem to work in bash - it will print \c with the symbols.
I think -n is the command but it won't work for me.

for ex:

echo "| |\c"

Please Help,

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The -n switch seems to work for me:

bash-2.04$ echo -n "Testing..."

The bash man page also talks about setting the 'xpg_echo' environment variable so that the '\c' will work. Check the bash man page for information.

Also, some systems have /usr/ucb/echo. This version will support the '-n' flag even if the builtin or /usr/bin/echo won't.

bash-2.04$ /usr/ucb/echo -n "Testing..."

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